2011 Volvo C30 "Mjolnir" - Parts Car

Mjolnir, the name of Thor's hammer, was also the name of this little red Swedish hotrod. She belonged to one of my best friends who practically treated this car as if she were his own child. Fully built with the complete Elevate catalog, for K04 performance and cosmetics, it had a show-ready attention to detail and won multiple awards. 

April 21st, 2018, shortly after passing just 54,000 miles, she sadly sacrificed herself to save the owner and his passenger. In true Volvo fashion, they both walked away from what could have easily been a fatal accident. The car then set in an auction yard for three months while the insurance company handled the paperwork and prepared the salvage title. 

On July 6th, it finally went to a live auction where I actively bid and won. The following business day, I towed the car home using my faithful F150 and began the process of parting it out. Nearly every part of this car has been distributed to the Volvo community, where Mjolnir will continue to live on through many other builds.